Born with a Broken Heart by David Wax Museum  

You know what turns me onto a band?  I love it when bands don’t take themselves too seriously.  Nobody likes classical music because it’s stuffy*.  I hate bands that are stuffy.  You know who’s not stuffy?  David Wax Museum.  This is one of their videos.  You can just tell that they’re having a ball, that they’re really good friends, that they go into their jobs intending to play and laugh a lot.  

I can’t name their genre, (Mexo-Americana? North-and-south-of-the-border? Jawbone pop?) but I can name their joy.  Also, it might just be me, but Sue Slezak looks like a modern Judy Collins.  And she plays violin while singing.  She can also play the jawbone taken from a dead donkey.  Right.  

(*I actually really like classical music.  The non-stuffy kind, though.) 

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